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Thanks to its expert engineering staff, SURGYNIQUE provides various engineering services to its customers, especially in the medical device sector, from design to the final product.

Product design and product development are very long-term processes. Product; Market expectations are formed by filtering many factors such as specifications, standards, legal constraints, transportation, packaging, appropriate supplier selection, and cost. These processes must be carried out with special care and expertise. Thanks to its expert engineering staff, SURGYNIQUE always supports its customers, especially in the medical device industry, from design to the final product, in the adventure of launching the products to the market.

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Design and



Prototip Üretimi
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Product Development Processes

  • Literature search (Article, patent, adverse event, competitor analysis)

  • Customer expectations and Specifications

  • Legislative research and product classification

  • Researching innovative and alternative technologies

  • Performing Risk Analysis

Research Phase


  • Sketches

  • Industrial design

  • Determination of Product Specifications

  • Conceptual Design Approval

Conceptual Design Phase

Mechanical Design Phase

  • Creating Part and Assembly Models

  • Supplier and sample studies

  • Mechanical and fluid analysis

  • Creation of manufacturing procedures and documents

  • Design Review

  • Establishment of the Input Quality Control protocol and performance criteria

  • Creating Parts and Component Orders

  • Operation of GKK processes

  • Test Equipment Supply or Service Procurement Contracts

  • Prototype Manufacturing

  • Performing standard or performance tests

  • Conducting Field and Clinical Research Tests

  • Creation of Prototype Conformity Report

Electronical Design Phase

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  • Hardware design

  • Software design

  • Finding component suppliers

  • Installation of an integrated electronic system

  • Electronic tests and controls

Prototype Production Phase

  • Determination of machinery and equipment required for productio

  • Procurement or manufacture of Necessary Equipment.

  • Starting raw material procurement processes

  • Receiving the Production Conformity report from QC

Pilot Production Phase

Kalıp Tasarımı ve İmalatı


Prototype production before mass production is an extremely important step that eliminates the need for modification or re-production that can cause time and financial loss. Surgynique performs the design verifications of medical devices, laboratory and dental equipment designed by itself or by its customer, by rapid prototyping or mechanical prototype method. In this way, it prevents design-related errors before the molding or manufacturing phase is started. Depending on the sensitivity of the part and the structure of the design, an error-free sample of the product will meet with the idea owner in a short time.

​ ​

The Services Offered Are Listed Below

  • Rapid Prototype: Fast and high quality production service from engineering plastics such as PA, PE, PLA, ABS

  • Metal Rapid Prototyping: Allows rapid prototyping of complex shapes from aluminum materials.

  • Prototyping with CNC machining method

  • Prototype Painting

  • Works Prototype production


Experienced engineering staff of SURGYNIQUE have been in many product development processes over the years and have successfully completed them. Some of those;



CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Devices, which are used for rehabilitation after joint injury surgeries, shorten the recovery period of the patients and enable them to gain joint range of motion as much as possible. The device is used in the following situations.

  • After joint and cartilage injuries.

  • After the application of arthrotomic or atroscopic procedures.

  • To provide mobilization in anesthetized patients.

  • After lacerations, pseudoarthrosis and bone surgeries.

  • After cruciate ligament surgeries.

  • After endoprosthetic implant surgeries.

All mechanical design, electronic design, software development and certification processes of the device were successfully completed, and the device was successfully commercialized.

Range of motion : -5° to 125°.

Device joint angular speed: 30°/min to 180°/min.

Patient height that can be used:  150 cm-200 cm.

Extension and flexion waiting time: 0-30 sec.

Working Mode : Timed

Power supply input voltage : 90-264 VAC

Power supply input frequency: 47-63 Hz

Motor power : 30 W Mechanical output power

Device length : 91 cm

Maximum bearing force: 50 daN

Hand control : With digital graphic LCD screen

Total weight of the device: 13 kg

2. DNA Extraction Machine

The device was produced and delivered as a prototype for a startup operating in Turkey. All mechanical design and software works have been completed by our company.

elektrikli göğüs pompası


This device, specially developed for mothers, is a product that can milk effectively and safely. It was designed for an American based firm. Within the scope of the project, all mechanical design was done by us. Our company, with its experience in this field, responds to the demands on this product group.


It is designed to be used in sterilization processes, which are constantly needed by hospitals. It was designed and produced as a prototype for a company located in Turkey, a manufacturer of sterilization products. It has a boiler volume of 150 liters and the special sliding cover system has been designed specifically for the product. The product prototype was produced and delivered to the company.



     The firm, with its long years of experience,

  • Laparoscopic Trocars,

  • Grasper,

  • Scissors,

  • clinch,

  • L-Hook,

  • Veress Needle

  • Suction-Irrigation sets

It specializes in the design and manufacture of products such as      .

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