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tensile tester



Measure every Detail Easily !

The device is used to precisely measure the breaking strength of surgical threads, medical packaging, material samples. Thanks to the touch screen on it, it allows to follow the numerical values instantly, transfer them to the PC environment and create a test report. Product tests such as opening/closing, breaking, tearing, compression, breaking, stretching, permanent deformation, puncture, bending, radial loading can be easily performed with this device

Automatic stop in case of  breakage or exceeding distance

Robust and reliable construction that does not require special maintenance

Colored touch screen

Emergency stop button

PC Software to visualize graphs, compare and save data

2-column, 1-screw system, single body

Sensitivity: ± 0.5%.

In tensile tests, the direction of movement is upwards


Operating voltage: 220 VAC, 50 Hz

Electrical Power: max. 1500W

Force unit: Adjustable


Speed setting: 10 – 500 mm/min


Motion sensitivity: 0.001 mm

Turkish and English language options

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