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Keep Your Products Dry

Dry cabinets are used to store the absorbable sutures in a low Teperature and low humidity environment. It is crucial to store unfinished and finished products in a controlled environment for keeping the sutures at its original performance all the time.

Hybrid Dry Cabinet offers the fastest dehumidification solutions in the world, using desiccant dehumidification and smart nitrogen dehumidification technologies together in perfect form. In particular, it creates the most suitable environment for storing high-precision materials.

While Hybrid Dry Cabinet prevents oxidation 100% with its smart nitrogen unit, it also makes the dehumidification process faster and more reliable with the desiccant dry units operating simultaneously. A smart nitrogen unit will continue drying process by taking control when the desiccant dry unit reaches saturation and regenerates itself automatically. 

In case the nitrogen source is interrupted or if there is a malfunction in any unit, the other unit takes over the control and provides a continuous drying process. For these reasons, they are the most efficient dry and storage solutions that can be used especially in long-term storage and drying processes.

High Energy Efficiency

Adjustable ambient humidity up to 1 RH

Possibility of temperature control

hepa filter

Adjustable and customizable shelf sizes

Possibility of different sizes and capacities

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