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surgical sutures


Sutures Turnkey


Surgical sutures are very old, indispensible and reliable medical devices. They have been used in
various surgeries all over the world for centuries. Absorbable surgical sutures, which were produced
from animal tissues in the past, have been redeveloped from synthetic materials with today's
technology and put into use. Surgical sutures are a critical technology for every country today and
have become a product that all countries want to produce with the aim of being self-sufficient.
Although surgical sutures seem simple from the outside, they are products that require serious
knowledge to manufacture. SURGYNIQUE, with years of suture production experience, provides
turnkey to its customers. Its biggest advantage is that it manufactures the machines in-house and
provides know-how support to its customers within the scope of the project. SURGYNIQUE delivers
the factory in working condition with its experienced staff from the architectural design stage to the
pilot production stages.

The most preferred products produced in the established factories are listed below."Synthetic Surgical Sutures"


  • PGA ( Polyglycolic Acid)

  • PGLA (Polyglycolic Acid (%90)-co-lactic acid(%90)

  • PGAR (Polyglycolic Acid Rapid)

  • PGLAR (Polyglycolic Acid (%90)-co-lactic acid(%90) Rapid

  • PP (Polypropylene)

  • PGCL (Polyglycolic Acid (%75)-co-caprolactone (%25)

  • PDO (Polydioxanone)

  • PA (Polyamide)

  • SILK

  • Ophtalmic Sutures

  • Cardiovascular Sutures


SURGYNIQUE, with its experience, serves its customers for the installation of production facilities for
many medical devices in the fields of laparoscopy and general surgery. Products such as laparoscopic
, laparoscopic hand tools, sponge, mesh are some of them.

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