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A clean room is a temperature and humidity controlled working environment that is established for production and/or research purposes, filtered from dust and particles in the air in accordance with certain numerical standards. In order to provide the desired level of cleanliness, the ventilation system, the tools used in the environment and the user entry and exit to the environment require special precautions. For example, it is not possible to enter the cleanroom without a special clean room suit and plastic gloves that do not produce dust. Objects to be inserted into the clean are
passed through special pass-boxes to purify them from dust and particles. In this way, objects are not only cleaned of dust, but also the contact of the clean room with the external environment is prevented. Thanks to the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in the ventilation system connected to the clean room, the air inside is constantly circulated and is purified from dust. Clean Rooms are classified as follows in ISO standards according to their particle levels.


Layout design

Antibacterial Epoxy or Vinyl flooring options

HVAC design, supply and installation

locked door system

Central system door units with sensors

Sink unit

Emergency exits

Special area transition zones

High quality Passbox in special sizes

Furniture and other equipment integrated into the space

Sandwich Panel (Antibacterial)

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