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Glove Box



Safe and Easy Operation in Low Humidity Environment.

The application of glove boxes in the medical device industry can vary depending on the specific requirements of the manufacturing or research processes. Here are some more specific applications of glove boxes in the medical device industry:


Cleanroom Operations: Glove boxes are often used in cleanrooms, which are highly controlled environments with low levels of particulate contamination. Cleanrooms are essential in the manufacturing of medical devices such as implants, surgical instruments, or electronic components, where maintaining cleanliness and sterility is critical. Glove boxes can be integrated into cleanrooms to provide a localized controlled environment for specific tasks or processes.


Assembly and Packaging: Medical devices often require intricate assembly processes that demand high precision and cleanliness. Glove boxes provide a controlled environment where operators can handle delicate components, perform assembly tasks, and package the devices without exposing them to contaminants. This helps maintain the integrity and functionality of the medical devices.


Testing and Quality Control: Glove boxes can be used for testing and quality control procedures in the medical device industry. For example, when performing moisture content testing, the devices should be enclosed in a low humidity and controlled environment to prevent external interference or contamination. Glove boxes provide a contained space for conducting these tests and ensuring accurate results.


Biocompatibility Testing: Medical devices must undergo biocompatibility testing to assess their compatibility with living tissues and ensure they do not cause adverse reactions in patients. Glove boxes can be used to isolate the devices during testing, preventing any cross-contamination with biological samples and maintaining the integrity of the test results.


Material Handling and Processing: Glove boxes are used for handling and processing materials that require protection from environmental factors. For example, sensitive polymers or biomaterials used in medical devices may need to be stored or processed in an inert atmosphere to prevent oxidation or degradation. Glove boxes with controlled atmospheres enable operators to handle and manipulate these materials safely.


Research and Development: In the medical device industry, glove boxes are commonly utilized in research and development laboratories. Researchers may use glove boxes to investigate new materials, prototype devices, or conduct experiments under controlled conditions. The enclosed environment ensures that the experiments are not affected by external contaminants and allows for precise manipulation of samples or components.


These are just a few examples of the applications of glove boxes in the medical device industry. The specific usage will depend on the requirements of the particular device being manufactured, tested, or researched, as well as the need for maintaining sterility, controlling environmental conditions, and ensuring operator safety.

High Energy Efficiency

No need for nitrogen, provides rapid drying with the aid of internal drying unit

Environment humidity adjustable up to 1 RH

Temperature control capability


Hepa filter option

Adjustable and customizable compartment size and number

Different sizes and capacities available

Material input compartment option

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